Stunning Makeup and Photos.

You are never going to be photographed more on your wedding day, than any other day. Ensure you have everything looking perfect  Remember bad make up will show in photos!  So its vital you choose a experienced professional makeup artist to accentuate all the best features and diminish the ones you are not so happy .

As your makeup artist  I will create a look for you that will look stunning in reality and exquisite in the photos, less is not always more, when it comes to photos more is better, when the application is done expertly!
The make up needs to be more heavy than an everyday for a number of very important reasons
To look amazing in the photos
Last the entire day and evening without having to be touched up.
To not wash away if a tear is shed or even a good cry, you don’t want it to be washed off.

So you as the bride look and feel like the most Beautiful woman in the world
Do have a trial run and take photos to make sure you do look and feel incredible.
regards Mariessa