Lessons are 1 hour long and Mariessa caters the appointment to suit the individual needs of her client.

The hair styling lesson is designed for you to learn the skills in practical and positive ways which will fit in with your lifestyle. Mariessa will evaluate your current look, products, and attitudes and then design, recommend, and direct you through the lesson. The step-by-step lesson creates the perfect look that reflects your personality, profession, style, and taste.

Mariessa will teach you the best techniques that are right for your hair and that fit your features. Each stage will deliver maximum impact to your look with minimal effort. She will show you how to softly accentuate or dramatically create a style to suit every life occasion. You will learn how to pull your look together in just minutes for work and how to take it up a few notches to gorgeous for night! As well, you will have the know-how to use each carefully chosen product and tool with confidence and style. People of all ethnicities and professions will immediately benefit — leave inspired, armed, confident, and gorgeous.