FAQ – Tanning & Beauty

What should I do before my Spray Tan?

Prior to your spray tan you need to exfoliate well. Mariessa recommends that you exfoliate every day for the week before you receive your spray tan.

It is best to shower just before arriving but do not moisturise and do not apply deodorant. We suggest you bring a dressing gown or loose dark clothing to wear after your spray tan. Your tan is washed off after 2 -3 hours.

What should I do after my tan has been applied?

Have a shower after two hours and avoid saunas, spas, physical exercise/sweating, swimming and tight fitting clothing for five hours.

When should I get the spray tan done?

For the best results it is usually best to get your tan done two days before the big event.

It’s for my wedding. Should I have a trial first?

The appearance of the spray tan depends on your skin type so for special occasions it’s always best to do a trial tan.

How long will my spray tan last?

Your spray tan will last between five and ten days depending on skin type. To extend the life of the tan I recommend you use the SunFX tan extenders. These are available at my studio.

Should I have my face tanned too?

I always suggest getting your face tanned to give you a healthy glow and avoid a two tone look.