FAQ – Weddings

How should I prepare for a wedding hair trial?

Please come with clean hair, washed the night or morning before. Your hair will need to be completely dry but please avoid using GHD straighteners or product beforehand.

Feel free to bring any pictures or photos of looks that appeal to you and bring hair-pieces or veils if possible.


You are never going to be more photographed than on your wedding day so choosing both an amazing photographer and an experienced hair and makeup artist is vital. These photographs are going to be looked at by all your friends, family, children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren so you’ll want to look your best.

An experienced makeup artist will ensure that your makeup is stunning in reality AND exquisite in your photographs. Your wedding day makeup needs to be heavier than everyday makeup for some very valid reasons:

  • To look stunning in the wedding photos and videos;
  • To last the entire ceremony and reception, without having to be touched up;
  • To not be washed away by tears.

A professional wedding hair and makeup artist will ensure that you run to schedule so your photographer can capture all those important moments, including the preparations.


Mariessa understands that many people have sensitive skin and can react to many makeup brands. This is why she has sourced her own makeup range, Georgie. It really is wonderful, designed for sensitive skins and in the past 7 years since Mariessa has been using this range she has never had anyone have a problem with this range.

We would recommend, just to be on the safe side, doing the trial if possible a few months before to guarantee we have no problems. It’s important for everyone to feel comfortable. We can do a patch test also, if you prefer.

How should I prepare for a wedding makeup trial?

Just come as you are – a light moisturised face is fine. Please don’t wear any makeup. If possible, wear or bring with you lighter coloured clothes, preferably a similar tone to your wedding gown. Avoid wearing black.

Feel free to bring any pictures or photos of looks that appeal to you.

When are wedding trials completed?


Wedding makeup trials need to be done in natural light and so are conducted Monday – Thursday 10am – 2pm. This will ensure that you are able to see how your makeup will look in natural light and how long it will last – from morning through to afternoon and evening.


Hair trials can be done in the evening as natural light is not needed. Late night appointments are available for hair trials on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday as required.

It is best to complete wedding hair trials and makeup trials at the same time so the whole look can be seen together.

How long will wedding hair and makeup take?

It is quite difficult to give an exact time until Mariessa sees the styles you want for both hair and makeup. It will depend on the length of your hair and how simple or elaborate the styles are.

Mariessa will work backwards from when you need to be ready, generally organising it so that hair and makeup is finished at least one hour before you need to leave to allow for time to get into your gown, have some photos and a relax so it is not all rushed.

Mariessa will work with an assistant on the day to save time as they help with all the preparation work.

Before you wedding trial please determine what time your photographer will be arriving and if they will be taking preparation photos or prefer you ready when they arrive.

Where are wedding hair and makeup trials held?

Makeup and hair trials are held in the studio at 44 Bowenvale Avenue, Cashmere by appointment only. Contact Mariessa for more information or to make an appointment.